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Specialises in both corporate and private events including weddings

Salman is an Asian Comedian is available for Asian Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties.Known for his unique approach, he is a host/presenter and a stand-up comedian who specialises in Asian events. He performs in 5 languages and is suitable for audience of all ages and cultures also keeps it clean for family audience and is very well known for his Bollywood Comedy.

His experiences as a Stand up Comedian adds a touch of humour to his presenting style. Indeed, it is his quick whit and stage presence that keep the crowd buzzing and hungry for more. He has a completely different approach to comedy, mixing culture with humour to create something really special. Many can relate to his work, no matter what age, race or gender. As a natural performer alongside English events he offers expertise in Pakistani Punjabi & Gujarati events.

Asian Comedian UK, Indian Pakistani Comedian UK

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